Having trouble

Sleeping at night?

Have you been having trouble getting to sleep at night? Have you ever wondered why? We have the perfect solution for you ..

The perfect sleep actually starts with the perfect mattress.

Let’s ask you a few questions about the mattress you have at home ..

Do you wake up with a soar back?

You deserve a bed that adapts to your DNA

With memory foam technology, say goodbye to soar backs. Imagine the feeling of floating on air.

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How is the temperature at night?

Do you feel too hot or too cold at night?

What you may be missing is temperature controlled mattresses, which adapt to the temperature so you don't end up sweating at night or feeling too cold.

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You deserve the most comfort

Did you know that we sleep for a 1/3 of our lives?

The Bed Center is home to Bahrains most comfortable sleepers

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We have the perfect Mattress waiting for you, invest in your comfort

We have the perfect mattress waiting for you, don’t believe us?¬† Visit our store and lye down on it for yourself ..

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The Ultimate Comfort

Hover to find out why.

Temperature Controlled

Automatically cools down or warms up to adapt to your sleep.

Memory Foam

Adapts to your body.

Double Sided Mattress

Flip it, Sleep on it, Work either way.

Visit the Bed Center today, and wake up fresh every day, you deserve it

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